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Eden's Northern Spy Ice Cider rated 91pts!

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Northern Spy: " caramelized apple aromas and flavors with a dense, rich palate​..."

The Blender: Williams Sonoma
"Tales of the Cocktail" Recipe for Chain Saw Cut Ice cocktail with Orleans aperitif cider.

Product Snob
"...a great gift idea for the holidays"

Serious Eats
"If you are serving apple pie this Thanksgiving, then Eden's Northern Spy is the perfect accompaniment."

Your Everyday Sommelier
"This was one of the the highlights of the tasting!...I felt like I was really doing myself a favor by drinking it!"

Brunellos Have More Fun
"...crisp, clean and bright apple flavor with just enough natural sweetness to keep glass to lip... Everyone loved it."

Food Connect
"This is the ultimate wine for cheese pairing. The acidity of the apple will cut through the creamy fat of the cheese, creating that cyclical hand to mouth rotation of wine glass and cheese bite."

The Daily Drink - WGBH
"With a filling of apple-cinnamon preserves, the tart would be lovely with Eden Ice Cider..."

Juniper's Farm to Table
Featured Farm, Sept. 27

The Pink Apron
"We tried the Calville Blend...and immediately fell in love."

Bob Blumer
Best Thing I Drank This Week
"...tastes like liquid apple pie. awesome with aged cheddar cheeses."

Murray's Cheese 'Counter Culture'
"One of the most surprising was a producer offering local ice cider (Eden Ice Cider Co.), made in the style of the famous and luxurious ice-wines. At least a few Murray’s employees escaped with a bottle or two."

Cheese is Alive
"My favorite things from this years festival were the Eden Ice Cider..."

Know Whey
"Cool and crisp, this is a perfect pairing with cheddar."

Ralph Melton's Journal
This was amazingly good, much more apple-y than a good apple. After one sip, I said to Lori, "these Vermonters have been holding out on the rest of us." After a second sip: "to be fair, I must acknowledge that if I had this stuff, I'd be very tempted to drink it all before letting it leave the state."

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